Concerts 2017

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Concert @ 04-11-2017 Nightgroove Honky Tonk -

Heyzel Coffee 20 uhr more info

Concert @ 23-12-2017 Waldau Theater - Bremen

20-07-2019 -in Kürze Verfügbar


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Elke - Backgroundsinger


Elke A.Nobas is one of the Backgroundsingers of Roots IQ, who make their music sound so sweet and harmonic. She's doing the Rap parts of the Roots songs like she never did anything else in her life than this.

Mr T

Mr:T - Drummer

(irie dread)





Siddi -bass

Old Members

Frank - Bass

Basti - Guitar

Christoph - Bass

Gine - Backgroundvoices 

Esra - Backgroundvoices